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Ringtail Lemur Mother and BabyRing-tailed Lemur, Mom with Baby on BackIt Takes a FamilyVerreaux's Sifaka with Baby on Its BackCrowned Lemur with NewbornCuddling Snow MonkeysSnow Monkey Moms and BabiesSnow Monkey and InfantClose Up on an Infant Snow Monkey in his Winter CoatMantled Howler Monkey Mom and BabyTwin HopePortrait of a Mother and InfantPensive Young Mountain GorillaBaby Mountain Gorilla Playing in the FoilageMother and Infant Olive BaboonMother and Infant Face to FaceYoung Olive Baboons PlayingMother and Infant OrangutanPortrait of Mother and Baby OrangutanMother and Infant Proboscis Monkey